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ESEPA is an evangelical Bible College and Seminary, located in Costa Rica and ministering to students at its campus and by internet. For over three decades it has been recognized as a moral and ethical force in the field of ministry education. Its quality in the training of leaders is recognized both nationally and internationally. Its graduates have gone on to develop ministries and to occupy positions for the extension and edification of the kingdom, in Costa Rica, throughout Spanish-speaking America and in mission areas.

ESEPA offers three academic levels, all of which combine spiritual growth with intellectual rigor:

  • Masters degree, with emphasis in Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, or Pastoral Ministry
  • Bachelors degree, in theology
  • Certificate programs for students without a high-school diploma

Our students. Throughout its history, ESEPA has welcomed not only Costa Ricans but also people of many nations. This lends a richness to our student life and to cultural interchange.

Our Faculty. One of the strengths that makes us a respected institution of theological education is having a qualified faculty of various nationalities, specialties, academic degrees, experience, and above all, a true calling to teach. We have a number of professors with PhDs or in post-graduate study.

Become a Donor

All of our students are required to pay tuition. Nevertheless, as with any college, tuition cannot cover the entire cost of the faculty, staff and campus. We’ve accomplished much with donations from those who have seen something special in ESEPA, a place of training for God’s servants.

A number of churches, charitable foundations have supported us over the years. We guarantee to channel and utilize all donations in an honest manner, in order to achieve the best for our institution and to allow our donors to see the results of their gifts in concrete form.

Gifts are tax-deductable. Donations may be made through Donation for ESEPA, Messiah’s Outreach, PO Box 230, Wheaton, IL 60189-0230, which handles contributions from the United States. Or you may donate here:


Areas that require the help of donors, 2016


This fund seeks resources for pastors and leaders who wish to study at ESEPA and cannot for economic reasons. Those helped will be men and women with a clear call to ministry and who are already serving in their local church, but who lack preparation.


This gives administrative support to ESEPA’s programs by subsidizing the General Fund, which is not replenished by tuition. Its purpose is to permit ESEPA to function without deficit.


ESEPA requires funds for promotion, be it by internet, radio, publications and brochures that describe our programs, and advertisements in Latin American magazines.



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